Battlefield 5 edition xbox one. Comes with controller powered cord undo cord and 15 games looking for price below obo

Xbox One

Isn't reading CD's. You can digitally purchase your games. Everything else works. Comes with all the wires and a controller.
Xbox 360 1 controller and power cord need HDMI works but gets hot and has to cool down to sure what problem is but I paid 50 dollars for it and was not told of this problem. Porch pickup
XBOX 360 comes with 2 remotes an power cord needs HDMI cord in great working order. Porch pickup

Xbox one

In good condition, comes with two control and all the adapters.

Xbox one

Xbox one 500gb 2 controllers Kinect Headset 9 games

Xbox 1

Works perfectly 1 controller power cord too ready to use
Comes with 32 in tv, wall mount, Xbox 360, internal memory to play old Xbox games, 12 games, and 2 controllers.
I have a copy of division 2 for xbox1. I rented it for my brother and it never got returned so redbox charged me for it, now im trying to get some of my money back.
Everything works and comes with a internal harddrive to play original Xbox games. Tv doesnt come with a remote. 12 games, tv, 2 controllers, and wall mount.
This Xbox One is in good condition and comes with the games shown and a pair of Turtle Beach Wireless Headphones with a Mic. Also includes a second controller. Games included are: Red Dead Redemption 2 Battlefield 1 Grand Theft Auto 5 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered