corner display case to show of your China, tableware, collectibles, liquor bottles just about anything. It sits in a corner so it don't take up a lot of space too! In great condition and great in your home!
Just arrived Little Bit, BABY JACK DONKEY can be on momma 4 months or take home now a bottle baby. Brought him in during the return of the chilly nights. He sits on lap and takes a bottle than goes back to momma for the day.


Enfamil formula includes: 6-2FLOz 1 niple 1 can 4-Single Serve packets makes 4fl oz bottle Everything is brand new & sealed only 6 pack to show formula size
6- 4oz Avent bottles, 3- 9 oz Avent bottles , 4 Avent pacifiers, bottle brush, 2 formula dispensers. Bottles have been washed and sterilized in sterilization machine after every use. Kept very clean.
Top slides open for more space Drawer 2 cabinets 2 open areas w/space to hang glasses Space for 15 bottles
Never used .. In Brand new condition .. Just bought put up in pantry .. Spring Cleaning ..
Only used some when we bottle-fed baby Great condition Only the small bottles were used 10 bottles altogether 3- 4oz 2-5oz 5-8oz
Lots of bottles, with vents and accessories. Bag of different flow nipples too. Used but in good usable condition. Pick up in Jones Creek
6- 4oz avent bottles , 10 burp cloths, infant car seat head support, 4 pacifiers, 1 formula dispenser.
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