Bath & body works body spray & lotion new the body spray was only sprayed once to smell it asking $12 for both
Bath& body work body spray asking $6 for both 1 is new never been used an the other has been usd quiye alof bit times but still has about. More then half
These are all new each box has 5 Moisturizing face masks. Must pick up in Freeport, asking $1 EACH I have - 7 of the princess boxes 8 emoji boxes 14 disney Mickey
Blackest Black it is NOT waterproof (and that's why I'm selling it.) Had it in my purse for a while meaning to take back and that never happened, so, pkg is a little rumpled!


Seven sets of eyelashes lot for $30. Never used or opened. Some have applicators included. All appear to have glue included.
I have both of these sparkly, soft pinks in stock, along with almost every color that SeneGence makes!