Only 6 months old. Nothing wrong with it. We bought it for my sons leopard gecko he got for Christmas. Just bought a larger one. Comes with 2 logs and tree. FCFS. Cross posted. Pick up in Friendswood.
Hello, My bearded dragon is looking for a good home. We have him equipped with a tank, calcium powder, a hide, repti-carpet, hammock, and food and water bowls.
Comes with a lid Has a crack on the bottom and is very used 30 Gallon $25 OBO
Does anyone around here breed geckos, leopard geckos/African fat-tailed geckos, or crested geckos, can look at different species of lizards.
Lance has decided he needs time to decide what he wants. So he s starting over and like to recoup his money for this $50 firm - day and night light. Plant. Log. Water bowl. Tree knot. Pyramid. Locking lid. 20 long. Bulbs included. 75 and 50 watt. Friendswood. Cross posted. Fcfs
All working 2 Preset tetrafauna heaters, Cascade 600 canister Internal filter, Repto Filter, Blue LED light, Reptile Hot Spot Bulb/UVB, turtle hide (has a repair crack, aquarium safe glue works fine)